Rural PA gays march in local parade

On October 25, 2010, the Queer Liberation Circle made minor history by marching in the Bedford, Pennsylvania Halloween parade. This marks the very first time that any kind of gay presence made itself known in this area (not surprising for a town of 3,141 located in the most conservative district in the state). We had thirteen marchers, plenty of supporters in the crowd, and were met with hundreds of gaping mouths and wide eyes. Good times were had by all. 🙂

Also, we were briefly mentioned on Gay USA the next day: Gay USA – October 26, 2010 (Start at 45 minutes in.)


About Queer Liberation Circle

Centered in Bedford County, PA, the QLC (klik) provides desperately needed support and education for local lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans people, anyone falsely perceived as such, and the merely curious. Our work also includes spreading awareness of diversity and encouraging its acceptance in our area.
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One Response to Rural PA gays march in local parade

  1. bedfordcub says:

    I’ve attended several meetings, this organization is exactly what Bedford needs…small, attainable goals with a large impact on the community!!

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